The Horse as a Subject of Relief Sculpture

26th February 2015

Creating an image from a relief sculpture demands particular skills. The method lies somewhere between three dimensional sculpture and two dimensional drawing, often with the added demands of a particular, often circular shape, and the inclusion of lettering and inscriptions. For centuries the flat coin, often of precious or semi precious metal, moulded with an image in relief has been a token which represents value, and it informs us about the era of its production in a unique way.

Medals awarded for achievement in competition provide a particular area of collecting, and those featuring the equine could make a fascinating area of study. In February the Antiques Trade Gazette reported on the burgeoning market for coins and medals, with sales exceeding £44 million in the last decade.  Richard Falkiner commented : "It is not just the volume and value of material that has grown over this period, but also its academic significance"

Currently in stock at Fox House Fine Art are silver medals awarded the The Hunter'Improvement & National Light horse Breeding Society, and by the Shire Horse Society.  

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